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Cabinet Beds vs Wall Beds

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Over the years, cabinet beds and wall beds have been introduced into the market and have grown to be quite popular because of the reduced space they take up in homes. Many online mattress stores now offer a wide variety of mattress beds for their customers.

Of course, the importance of a bed cannot be overstated. A bed is a piece of furniture which we use as a place to sleep and rest. Most modern beds have a soft cushioned mattress on a bed frame, with the mattress resting either on a wood slat, a solid base or a sprung base. Beds are an important fixture in the home as they ensure you get adequate sleep and rest.

Beds are available in many sizes and types. Over time, people have moved from the conventional definition of beds that take up a lot of space. Cabinet beds and wall beds are the answer to the problem of saving space and sleeping comfortably.

Popular bed frames available at most online mattress stores include traditional, platform, poster. You can also buy memory foam, innerspring mattresses or hybrid mattresses. Styles of a bed can range from traditional, contemporary, modern, casual to transitional.

If you are looking to save space however, cabinet beds and wall beds should be your go-to. In this article, we will be talking about cabinet beds and wall beds. Both beds are suitable for people in small apartments or people trying to save space in their homes. However, they both have their pros and cons. Keep reading to find out which of these beds to buy from a mattress store in Vancouver.

What is a wall bed?

A wall bed can be a comfortable replacement for your conventional beds. It includes a full-sized pad that lifts to fold against the wall. Once the bed is up, it's going to reveal a settee, a desk, or decorated exterior that appears like wall moulding or a cupboard.

Designer wall beds are the perfect solution for studio flats or the spare room in a home. This bed permits you to use a room both as a guest room and as a home office.

Wall beds are used for space-saving functions, just like trundle beds. They are well-liked wherever floor area is a huge need, like in small homes, mobile homes, hotels, apartments and college dormitories. In recent years, wall bed units have enclosed options like storage cupboards, lighting, and workplace parts.

Even though a wall bed is relatively more costly than different spacing beds, however, many believe the extra expense is worthwhile. You will be able to leave your bedding and sheets on the pad once it folds up and has a full bed replacement.

Also, wall beds can be your perfect solution for busy parents with multiple children. We understand the struggles of feeling like you’re always cleaning up or trying to find solutions to keep your house attractive and tidy. In an attempt to give your children space to play, and teach them how to take care of a space of their own, wall beds can be your go-to furniture. They can also double as storage and organizational space.

Advantages of Wall Beds

Wall beds hold a lot of advantages that other bed types don't offer you. Some of these advantages include:

Wall beds save you a lot of space

In micro-condos and tiny apartments, wall beds are essential because of the little space they take up. Even in larger living areas, a space-saving wall bed unit can be quite convenient to have. By utilizing the unused vertical space on one of your walls, a wall bed takes up very little room and won’t be in the way when you’re not using it.

They are safe and are easy to use

You need not worry about how to open and close a wall bed. The innovative spring system of most wall beds is designed in ways that make it very simple to open and close the bed. They’re also very safe to use.

Other advantages include:

  • They are as comfortable as conventional beds
  • You can customize your wall bed to suit your needs.
  • They help create a multipurpose space in your home

Disadvantages Of Wall Beds

Wall beds also have a few disadvantages. They include:


Wall beds in Vancouver are not cheap. In fact, it can be more expensive than regular beds. You may have to decide if the price is really worth your needs before buying one.

Difficulty in setting it up

Additionally, a wall bed is harder to set up. It requires a bit of technicality, so you might not be able to set it up by yourself. In the end, you may need to hire somebody to help you assemble it.


You might have to compromise on comfort with a wall bed. The major reason for this is that these beds use wire mesh rather than box springs. Compared to the regular beds, wall beds may not be as snug or durable.

No scope for adornment

Since wall beds don't have headboards, footboards, or bed rails, they offer no scope for adornment. So, if you're an aesthetic lover, a wall bed may not be the best option for you.

It might be tedious to manage.

Folding a big bed every day may be a daunting task for some people. Since you're restricted by space, you have to fold the bed each morning after you wake up. This task could become tedious to some individuals over time.

What are cabinet beds?

A cabinet bed fits into a smaller space than you would imagine a bed can fit. When the bed is stored, the cabinet looks like a side table or buffet. The cabinet door pulls out like a drawer, and therefore the frame of the bed expands. The mattress is closed up within and it is pulled out to lay on the extended frame.

When it comes to buying a cabinet bed at a mattress store in Vancouver, some important things must be taken into consideration. This is the only way that you will be able to obtain the best value for your money. You should look out for one with aesthetic detail and a comfortable mattress before purchasing.

Also, the frame is equally important, there are different materials you can choose from. You should choose one that’s durable and resilient. Additionally, consider the mattress. Look out for the height, ease of setup, comfort and durability.

Advantages of Cabinet Beds

Cabinet beds are a good solution for very small spaces because they make the bed as compact as possible when not in use. They fit in all rooms, no matter the height of the ceiling. The same cannot be said for a wall bed. Also, they are easy to install and use.

They can also double as TV stands or side tables. For occasional use, the value of a cabinet bed is exceptional.

Simply put, the advantages of a cabinet bed include:

  • It is very easy to assemble and convert
  • Comes with a gel-infused memory foam mattress
  • It can be moved around your room and can fit under a window.
  • Made with solid wood, hence it is highly durable
  • Offers plenty of storage space

Disadvantages of Cabinet Beds

As great as cabinet beds are, there are certain disadvantages or problems you will have to deal with. One of which is that a cabinet bed’s mattress is pre-made for the bed. While this might not be a big problem and most find it very comfortable, if you are a delicate sleeper that requires a special mattress this may not be the ideal solution.

Also, you will have to remove the sheets and bedding when putting away and taking out the bed. This has to be done every time.

Also, for everyday use, if you have space, a wall bed may be more convenient than a cabinet bed. Most cabinet beds weigh a lot. Therefore, moving it around may not be convenient. Some types of cabinet beds are restrictive as they are not ideal for old people.

Simply put, the demerits of a cabinet bed include

  • They are usually super heavy as they weigh a lot.
  • You are limited in sizes. You can only buy twins, doubles, and queens.
  • Some of the mattresses come with short warranty periods.
  • The mattress is not ideal for side sleepers and delicate sleepers


Both wall beds and cabinet beds will help you make more space in your home, either for your other belongings or for the comfort of your guests. Sure, a cabinet bed may be heavy. However, if you already have a permanent location for it and you need to save space, this may be your best option. In fact, you can use the cabinet itself for other things when the bed is not in use.

Whatever solution you choose, you can visit our online mattress store to pick from our collection of stylish and affordable options. We have an extensive selection so you can find a bed that will create the perfect look you want for your home and that will fit your style.

Whatever category you fall into, whether you have a small apartment and are looking to create more space or you’re a busy parent trying to teach your children responsibility, we have you covered. Don’t waste any more time, contact us and we will ensure you get the right wall bed or cabinet bed for your home and your budget.