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High Sun Mattress Maple Ridge

Of our three locations, our Maple Ridge store has a wide selection of stylish products on display. The city is booming with new housing buildings and people are renovating their homes to create a modern look. We have a variety of beds and furniture so whether people want a luxurious mattress or a memory foam mattress, Maple Ridge residents will have no shortage of styles to choose from. In addition to our modern collections, we have functional furniture that is great for families like bunk beds and dining sets. Our diverse products allow people to have a clear idea of what will match well in their homes. Whether you’re looking for an affordable mattress or a bed frame in Maple Ridge, we can help you find what you need.

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Bed Frame in Maple Ridge

Like a memory foam mattress, Maple Ridge homes can benefit from added mattress support with bed frames. Choosing the right bed frame in Richmond is very important because it supports your box foundation and mattress so your body doesn’t sink.

If you want a built in frame, a platform bed is a great choice because you just have to add a mattress. Even though a platform bed doesn’t require a box foundation, some people prefer a higher bed profile. In this case, you could add a box foundation on the platform bed if the mattress requires one. Come and see which bed frame in Maple Ridge is best for your room.

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Memory Foam Mattress Maple Ridge

Of all our mattress styles including natural coconut foam and memory foam mattress, Maple Ridge residents love very firm memory foam mattresses. They give you full body support to prevent body pain, reduce sleep interruption when your partner moves around and stops allergy-causing dust mites. After using our memory foam mattress, many people told us that their back pain and stiffness went away.

If you’re someone who gets hot easily when you sleep, try using one of our luxury gel memory foam mattresses. With a gel-infused foam mattress, people can consistently get a cool quality sleep. You can put your mattress on either a platform bed or individual bed frame in Maple Ridge.

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Lift Up Storage Bed Maple Ridge

A bed frame is the steel outline that provides proper support for a box foundation. We have two styles of bed frames: One has six legs with center support while the other style has four legs.

Our sturdy, four and six-legged bed frames can be adjusted for a single, double, queen, and king size bed.

While it may look like a simple part of the bed, a bed frame has several benefits including the following:

  • A bed frame can alleviate your sleeping position to make it easier to get in and out of bed
  • A bed frame provides additional storage under your bed
  • A bed frame extends the life of your mattress by providing support and preventing weak sagging spots.

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Whether you are looking for a mattress, memory foam mattress or bed frames, Maple Ridge has everything you need. We look forward to meeting you.

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