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Review from Google
Found a deal online for an affordable quality sectional. Went in to view it and test it and was helped in a pressure free environment. The in store price was higher than the online deal, but Alice offered the online price without me even asking.

Delivery was on time and reasonable. I paid for the movers to assemble and they were in and out, cleaning up along the way, in fifteen minutes.

Good local joint.
Review from Google
Our new gel mattress is very comfortable and supportive with little motion transfer. The major problem I had with my previous, pillow top bed was motion transfer. As suffering low back pain, I'm very cautious with what I buy and picky in what I look for in a mattress. This mattress provides great support but also has the comfort of a softer bed. Motion transfer is fantastic. I took a chance on the mattress without being able to try it

Delivery was also very quick and efficient. We got a king size bed and I was able to unpack it and set it up myself. Great mattress! Thank you for great service, Alice
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We bought this hydraulic storage bed a few days ago and honestly it's just beautiful. I love the modern linen feel, the bed is solid and quite heavy so it's nice to have that comfort of a heavy duty bed. We liked this bed so much because we can our three oversize luggage underneath the bed and fit well. This light grey linen bed also matched very well with my rustic wood night stands. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase in High Sun. Love the look in our condo. Highly recommended.
Review from Google
If you are in the market for a new mattress i HIGHLY recommend High Sun. The prices are incredible you will NOT find this kind of value at the bigger outlets (i.e. sleep country). Not to mention, the service is excellent. To have the mattress delivered to my tiny apartment and my old mattress taken away, it was honestly such an easy experience. I am now sleeping like a log on my new mattress thank you High Sun!
Review from Google
Look all over Vancouver for a decently priced storage bed. I ended up going with High Sun because of the great value of the product. The sales person was easy going, no pressure to purchase and also explained all the options thoroughly. The delivery was quick, efficient, and on time. Overall a great shopping experience and I would highly recommend them.
Review from Google
I liked this Vancouver store - the sales person was easy going and while I've purchased mattresses before I felt no pressure from him to buy and didn't know that if I felt I needed a mattress topper then I needed to find another mattress that felt just right without a foam topper.
These are Very Nice people that are worth visiting.
Thanks for the Great service!
Review from Google
Easily the best place in Vancouver to buy mattresses and sofa beds. I was blown away by the great selection and friendly service. The salesman, James, was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. Thanks again!
By Brendon Bitoiu  Date:  04/18/2018
Review from Google
If you're looking to buy a mattress or bed outside of big box retailers in Vancouver, head to this chain of mattress stores with 3 locations across the greater city area. James at the Vancouver store was an incredible wealth of information! He was so friendly and knowledgeable that my wife and I felt he was absolutely trustworthy.
They sell a Huge range of brand-name mattress and beds for reduced prices.
Review from Google
Amazing customer service! James was very patient, and when I couldn't grasp why I liked a bed more, he explained the details to me very kindly. I am very satisfied with the bed I bought. Great prices, and delivery was made on the day agreed. He also called before to make sure it was set appropriately.
Review from Google
We bought 2 sets of sofas from this store, one for our living room and the other for the family room. We're happy with our purchase. We found the salesperson, Jaydon, is down to earth, straightforward, and honest man. We'll spread words to friends, relatives, and recommend to anyone who might be looking for home furnIture. I'm giving a 5 stars rating.
Review from Google
Bought beds, sofas and coffee table. Excellent products, top notch service. They delivered within couple of hours of purchase. Installed within 60 minutes. Far better price compared to other furniture stores. Exceptional costumer service. This is definitely the go to place to buy furnitures. Thanks guys for helping us out.
Review from Yelp
Got a really nice bedframe from here (faux leather that lifts for storage space) for about $600!
Since we were also purchasing a mattress as well for my sister, they gave us a extra good deal.
One part of my bedframe bent and I called them and they gave me a new replacement piece for fee.
Excellent customer service! They have good deals on room sets as well.
By Cassandra R.   Date:  6/28/2017
Review from Yelp
Thanks Alice for the great service, mattress was delivered on time. Friendly and great price, definitely recommend it. Check it out :)

By Ley, U Langley    Date:  5/05/2017

Review from Yelp
Great place to get a mattress. i bought a couch and mattress from the Kingsway location and it was delivered free of charge within three days.  Ask for James at the Kingsway location... super helpful and knowledgeable.   very reasonable prices and 5-10 year guarentee on mattresses,  depending on the model.
highly recommended!

By Kimberly M.  Vancouver    Date:  5/23/2015


Review from Yelp

Just bought a mattress from High Sun Mattress, owners very reasonable, pleasant to deal with, and professional. A Taiwanese man and a Malaysian woman guided us though our purchase and I could not be more happy with my purchase.

Before choosing this company, I called around Vancouver and even had unpleasant interactions with representatives from other companies, so I decided with High Sun due to their professionalism and patience over the telephone, also with their unbeatable price for the exact item.

Thank you!

By Katie D.  Vancouver    Date:  5/15/2014


Review from Yelp

We walked into High Sun not knowing what to expect after being badgered by other competitors.
Alice greeted us and asked a few directed questions on our preferences. Alice did not harass or bother us with "sales pitches" or distracting talk. She answered our questions honestly and clearly.

We bought a new mattress for a fraction of the price of the other sleep shops - without the irritating sales pitch.
We are entirely satisfied with the sale. If you want to buy good sleep products without inflated prices.... Go to Sun Mattress!

By Shamas M.  Lake Cowichan    Date:  12/9/2013


 Review from Yelp

I got a mattress from High Sun Mattress about three years ago - Delight Gold. Good service from James and Veronica, who are very friendly and easy-going. They also speak mandarin and english, which makes for easy conversation. Free delivery, reasonable prices and good service at the Kingsway location. Seems like Prices are always low and usually cheaper than Sleep Country and most mattress shops! They also specialize in hard coconut mattresses for asian preferences as well as selling Serta mattresses. I would recommend checking this store out when you're in a market for a mattress!

By N.K.  Vancouver    Date:  2/6/2013


Review from Yelp

This place is as amazing as people are saying. The woman who helped me, Veronica, was great. They are helpful without being pushy at all. She didn't try to upsell me at all, threw in delivery, and knocked a bit off the price as well. I got an amazing Serta combo for under 500$.  Delivery was on time, speedy, and polite. Mattress is excellent and has a 10 yr warranty.

Why buy a mattress anywhere else?

(har har.)

But srsly, go here.

By Bella X.  Vancouver    Date:  6/10/2012


Review from Yelp

This is a great little mattress store.  It doesn't have a gigantic selection but their customer service is wonderful.  Ordered a mattress and box spring for my son - very reasonably priced and their delivery guy was on time and very polite and accommodating.  They have a range of price points for mattresses and they are worth a look if you are into "no-frills" shopping and good customer service.

By Maureen K.   Vancouver    Date:   11/8/2011


Review from Yelp

Since I was the first time buyer for mattress, I asked many questions. The sales lady, Veronica, was very patient and professional to help me pick my mattress. Finally, I bought a mattress named delight Gold. Pocketed coil with euro top for a very good price. I am also impressive with their fast and friendly free delivery service. I am very happy with this purchase. Highly recommanded. :)

By Wilson F.  Vancouver    Date:  5/2/2011


Review from Yelp

I bought the queen size memory foam mattress which included 2 pillows. All I have to say I wish I bought this Mattress sooner!! I have had low back surgery in 2001 and I have suffered all these years with a stiff back. Since I bought in 2 weeks ago (April 1, 2011) I haven't had a stiff back or neck. I recommend this mattress to anyone what wakes up sore or stiff. Plus I have noticed my husband doesn't snore as much!!! What a relief. The price for the Mattress is a great deal and the service was awesome. I dealt with James and he was great to deal with.

By Vivi Z.  Burnaby    Date:  4/14/2011


Review from Yelp

We came here to check out mattresses first.. and tried about 4 of them. We were looking for memory foam as we've wanted to buy a topper, but figured getting a mattress was the more viable option at this point. We ended up purchasing a 5 pound memory foam mattress that was $550 and free delivery because we live 2 blocks from the store. The mattress also has a 15 year warranty which is really awesome. So far so good, 3 nights on the new mattress and I forget I even have back pain and a better nights sleep because your body basically melts into it. I love sleeping that much.

By Bella X.  Vancouver    Date:  3/10/2010


Review from Yelp

Prices were so reasonable at this mattress store that I thought the mattress would never show up at my door. I initially found out about it through an ad on Craigslist. When I went to the store, the mattress I wanted was priced much higher than the ad online. I thought I would have to argue, but they held up their offer.
We got a king-sized mattress for $550. It's really, really comfortable, too. I still can't believe it.
And they have more than just mattresses. We ended up buying a nice wood bed frame and a sofa couch, both also very reasonably priced.
The employees were very friendly.
Their delivery was a day late but they let me know. Their delivery time was just a two-hour period and they arrived on the early side of that.

By Richard D.  Vancouver    Date:  9/2/2008