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Tips for Buying the Best Mattress in British Columbia

Posted by High Sun Mattress on

About one-third of life is spent in bed. Therefore, it is vital that you buy the best Mattress in British Columbia. There are so many types of beds out there. However, the very first thing that should come to your mind when you think of mattresses is; comfort. The quality of the mattress you have determines the quality of sleep you get. Once the bed is right, sound sleep is inevitable.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a mattress. All of these factors will be explored in this article. These factors need to be duly considered before you commit to any mattress. If things go wrong in the selection, you can be left with a bed that causes nothing but back or neck pain. Save yourself some extra cash by getting it right from the get-go.

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What are the different types of mattresses?

There are various mattress types out there; hence, you need to exercise care when trying to make a purchase. You need all of the information you can get if you will be ordering from an online mattress store.

What makes these mattresses different is the innovation that characterizes each of them. These innovative mattresses are not to merely create different types. They cater to specific sleep needs. Below are the most common types of mattresses.


This type of mattress has springs inside, causing it to be bouncy and rocky. If you are looking to go back to being a kid, this is just the perfect mattress. This mattress has been in existence for a long time in British Columbia, and you probably have made use of it at a certain point. The springs in the mattress are connected into a single unit. The quality of sleep you derive from this bed s dependent on the number of coils. The two variables are directly proportional.

This mattress remains very popular, mainly due to its low budget need. However, newer mattress technologies have since dethroned it from being the best for sleep. There are numerous types of mattresses in British Columbia and each serves different sleep needs.

Natural fibre

If you are a fan of using eco-friendly products, the chances are high that you have made use of this bed. Just as the name implies, this mattress is made of natural fibre products. The materials used in the production of this mattress can always be varied. However, all of the components are natural and environment-friendly.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam has become popular in recent times, with the most popular being the memory foam mattress. This Mattress is designed to wholesomely snug up to the user, enveloping them in comfort. The bed tapers to the shape of the body, briefly causing a sinking feeling. With the help of these mattress types, it is easy to combat pressure points formation during sleep. It contours to the body, and when you stand up from it, it slowly returns to its standard shape and size.

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There are different types of this, which makes it the most popular Mattress British Columbia. The hardness is then all dependent on your choice. Unlike the memory foam, this bounces back to shape immediately you are off it. There was a test carried to determine how effective this is, with a heavier weight. An elephant was used in the analysis, and the Mattress sprung back up to the normal position.

Latex Mattress

The use of this bed type is gaining traction in British Columbia. This is because it is made of natural products, which many people look to adapt their lifestyle to. It is also very affordable. There are two major types of latex. Hence, there is a difference in the quality of Mattress made from these.

One of these is Dunlop, which is of a lower quality to the Talalay. This causes a difference in the resulting Mattress.

Innerspring latex hybrid mattress

Making use of a latex mattress in British Columbia has so many benefits, so also does the innerspring Mattress. This mattress type then combines the benefits of the two. This is somewhat like the comfortable latex that comes at a lower price, being fitted with innerspring. Irrespective of the advantages, there is bound to be a structural weakness in the hybrid.

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Polyfoam latex hybrid

This is arguably the best Mattress in British Columbia for those who prefer sleeping on their sides. Some change positions now and then during the night. However, people who stay in one position, sleeping on their sides need this bed.


This Mattress also has a vibrant history, one that spans even before the innerspring Mattress. Even though there is no ideal bed type for everyone, making use of a waterbed makes some people prone to back pain. Of course, this does not stand true for everyone. However, the Mattress has been designed to help users relieve bedsores.

Innerspring memory foam hybrids

Hybrid Mattress in British Columbia is increasingly becoming popular. As the name implies, this is a combination of the features of the innerspring Mattress and memory foam. Users get to enjoy what both innovations offer, at the same time.


If you are a fan of foam mattresses, the only choice is which type of foam mattress to get. The popular choice of foam to get is the polyfoam. The polyfoam mattress is made from petroleum, and it combines the use of polyol, isocyanate, and water. This results in a very flexible foam which has become popular amongst other foams. The quality of this foam, when compared to other foam material, is high, and it comes at an even lower price.


This is also a type of Mattress that you can buy. These mattresses feature advanced technological innovation designed to ensure comfort as you sleep. These blowup mattresses are designed to easily manipulate the firmness level, adapting to your sleep need. One advantage of the use of this bed is that there is no sagging.

Tips for choosing the best Mattress for you: Buying guide

It is not so easy to buy Mattress in British Columbia, and here are some factors to guide in your selection. The factors to be considered are divided into two major categories, which are; the type of sleeper you are and the qualities of the material needed to consider.

What type of sleeper are you?

Sleeping Position

Different people have different sleeping positions, which determines the type of Mattress that best fits them. People sleep on the side, back, stomach, and some sleep in more than one position.

If you are the one that sleeps on your stomach and back, it is best to buy firmer beds that are less conforming. If you are a side sleeper, soft and conforming mattresses are just perfect.


If you are a very heavy sleeper, you tend to sleep hotter and get to experience more sinking than other lighter sleepers. As a light sleeper, softer mattresses are the best. However, for heavier sleepers, firmer beds are the best.

For heavy sleepers, the use of supportive, less-conforming mattresses is also an option. These include; innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

If you are not cool with the type of Mattress that has been prescribed for your weight and wish to get another, make sure it compliments your weight.

Material qualities to consider


There are five main types of materials used in making mattresses. These include; innerspring, foam, latex, hybrid, and airbed. These various types of materials have been discussed, from which you will pick the one that suits you more.


There are different mattress sizes out there, ranging from small sizes to the king-sized ones. There are the;

  • Twin – Which is just perfect for one person
  • Twin XL – which is also suitable for one person
  • Full/Double – this is perfect for someone with a pet. It is also comfortable for two persons.
  • Queen – This bed size is suitable for a person and the pet, or two adults.
  • King – This be size goes on to be enough for two adults and a pet
  • California King – This bed is large enough to take two adults, children, and pets.

The size you get depends on your needs and how large your family is. If you are going to use the Mattress alone, you can go for the maximum of the full/double size.


How firm the Mattress needs to be is dependent on your sleep need. As discussed above, this depends on your sleep position and your weight. If you are a side sleeper, a softer mattress is ideal. As a back or stomach sleeper, go with the firmer Mattress.

However, in the case of couples with different sleeping positions, there is also the ideal mattress type. Couples, in this case, need a mattress with adjustable firmness settings on either side of the bed.


One factor that will influence in this case is your body weight. Mattresses come in different height, which is complementary to the various weights. If you are a lighter sleeper, a shorter bed is more than ideal. Heavier people need to go for the thicker options.

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How much do the mattresses cost?

The factors explained above are enough to guide how you on how to buy a mattress in British Columbia. The various types of beds come at different prices. This is a reflection of the quality of materials used. The brand-make and models also influence the prices.

  • Memory Foam: You can get the memory foam for about $1050
  • Latex: The latex mattress can be bought at $1970
  • Innerspring: This costs about $1037
  • Hybrid: The hybrid beds come at an average price of $2076.70
  • Airbed: Airbeds are the most costly types of Mattress, costing about $2,282

To buy Mattress in British Columbia, quality is essential. You can be assured of quality mattress materials at these prices.



Shopping for a new mattress, especially on an online mattress store, can be very tasking. Different factors need to be considered. Sleepers have different needs, and picking a mattress in British Columbia that is adapted for one's peculiarity is pertinent. With this guide, you are bound to pick the very best for you. Contact High Sun Mattress today!

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