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How to Choose the Best Modern Platform Bed for Your Home

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We know how overwhelming it can be to choose the best modern platform bed among all of the styles, colors and features.

Do you want a traditional or super modern look? Dark colours or light? Metal or wood?

We’ll guide you with the right questions to help you choose the best bed design for your room.

The Benefits of a Platform Bed

1. Save money!

Say goodbye to box springs and foundations because you simply have to get a mattress to put on the built in foundation of the platform bed.

Before, people would need to buy a bed rail, box foundation, and the mattress. Why buy three parts when you can just get two?

2. More space

Box springs often extend down to the floor making less storage options around your room. This is even more of a hassle nowadays as more people are moving in smaller living spaces and studio rooms.

A platform bed provides space under your bed whether you want to use it for extra storage or to just have a minimalist look in your room.

3. Solid support

In addition to having a strong base for your mattress, the slated frames provide extra back support so your body doesn’t sink and cause pain over time.

4. Great ventilation

The slated base allows air to pass freely beneath your bed which keeps your mattress fresh longer.

5. A simple way to modernize your home

There are a variety of styles to give a fresh look to your home. It just depends on which colors and designs you like.

Questions to Help You Choose the Best Platform Bed

1. Do you prefer wood or metal?

Modern platform beds are usually made of wood or metal.

Wood-based beds have different kinds of finish that protects the wood’s surface to prevent cracking, enhance the appearance of the wood, and protect against stains.

Modern wood platform bed

The  modern metal platform beds that have a welded metal structure provides increased durability and a metal surface that’s easy to clean.

Another benefit of a steel platform bed is if you want to change the colour of your room, you can simply repaint the bed to match the new look. It’s more versatile.

Modern metal platform bed

2. Do you like fabric, leather, or faux-leather?

Platform beds can be layered with these three materials depending on the colors, feel, and style you prefer.

The  fabric with extra padding provides a comforting look and a cushioned headboard while you sleep.

Both leather and faux-leather both provide a chic and fresh appearance in your room.

Modern leather platform bed

3. Do you need extra storage?

Some models come with built-in drawers or different storage options. This style is very useful for people who live in small homes to maximize the use of their space.

Other designs provide space under the bed and you can add storage boxes underneath.

4. Do you want a headboard?

A platform bed without a headboard is great for people who want a minimalist look in their home. Beds that come with headboards vary in styles and the amount of padding.

5. What colours will match well with your room?

This is probably the hardest part of making the final choice for your bed because the colors should match the colors of your room.

A light-coloured bed integrates well with rooms that have darker walls because it provides contrast like this room: 

Modern style platform bed

Darker modern bed designs work well in rooms with more neutral colors like white, gray, brown, and beige.

Modern fabric platform bed

If you’re still not sure about which colors to go with, you can get some insight from your fashionista friends who could have great ideas on home décor.


a platform bed saves you money, creates space, provides proper back support, allows great ventilation, and modernizes your home.

Ask yourself these questions if you’re not sure which bed style you want to choose:

  • Do you prefer wood or metal?
  • Do you like wood, fabric or faux-leather?
  • Do you need extra storage?
  • Do you want a headboard?
  • What colours match well with your room?

Happy shopping! 

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