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Consumer Choice Award Names High Sun Mattress & Furniture Vancouver’s Best Mattress Company

Posted by High Sun Mattress on

We are very happy to announce that High Sun Mattress is the only company in our industry to receive the Consumer Choice Award designation in the Greater Vancouver region. We are very grateful to all of our customers who chose to furnish their homes with our products and our amazing team in our Vancouver, Richmond, and Surrey stores for their dedication to providing excellent customer service.

Consumer Choice Award

Consumer Choice Award was founded in Montreal in 1987 with the mission of recognizing excellence among small and medium-sized businesses. The organization asks consumers what the best business is in every market and uses many data points to determine the winner. Only one company in each category is awarded the designation.

Consumer Choice Award is the only award company in Canada that uses the independent third party market research firm, Advanced Symbolics, to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction and business excellence. Advanced Symbolics uses artificial intelligence and looks at online reputation, quality reviews, social media content, and news articles.

Consumer Choice Award is located in 28 cities across Canada from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and they are the most recognized consumer award in Canada.

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