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​Benefits of a memory foam mattress

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Over the years, the memory foam mattress has transformed from a novelty into a prevalent, affordable alternative to spring beds. Memory foam mattresses have transcended the realm of standard beds, now accounting for over 20% of all mattress sales.

Notably, most mattress stores in Canada are reportedly selling more memory foam mattresses compared to other mattress types. Behind this change is the revolution in comfort and technology the material offers.

There are few things as important as quality sleep. If a good night's sleep has been evading you, it might be time to consider the underlying culprit: your mattress. A great mattress can make all the difference in the world for getting some restful sleep. If you've got an outdated mattress or your current set-up doesn't offer the support your body needs, you should consider getting a memory foam mattress.

Imagine crawling into a bed that conforms to your unique curves, hugging your body just so. No more joint aches, no more pressure points, and no more back pain. Now imagine sleeping deeply through the night, waking up refreshed and raring to go! If this sounds like nirvana, you may want to try out a memory foam mattress – one of our top-rated sellers.

In this article, you will learn about the variety of benefits memory foam mattress offers. After learning about the many benefits of using a memory foam mattress, we are sure you will be more than excited to buy one from our online mattress store!

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What is a Memory foam mattress?

memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. It also uses your body heat to soften and mould to a custom shape. This allows it to provide you with remarkable support and comfort. Once pressure is removed, memory foam will bounce back very slowly and over time will remember your body shape and optimal sleeping position, hence the name 'memory'.

The memory foam used in mattresses is commonly manufactured in densities. The density often ranging from less than 1.5 lb/ft3 ( 24kg/m3 ) to 8 lb/ft3 ( 128kg/m3 ) density.

Also, a memory foam mattress contours to your body to offer high levels of support and comfort. The foam bubbles or 'cells' are open, effectively creating a matrix through which air can move. Higher-density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mould to a warm body in a few minutes.

The benefits of a memory foam mattress

Memory foam is quite different from the conventional array of mattresses available in the market. It brings a wide range of benefits, including pressure relief on your back. The best benefit of buying a memory foam mattress for you is that it makes your sleep incredibly soothing and relaxing.

Let's take a look at what makes memory foam mattresses so popular and the types of health and physical benefits they afford.

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Supports back/spine alignment

A memory foam mattress supports each part of the body evenly and individually by spreading your weight across the bed's surface. The mattress contours to your body's curves, supporting the lower back and allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position.

On other materials like springs, weight is typically concentrated on areas that contact the mattress. Usually, shoulders, hips, and heels bear the brunt. For both back and side sleepers, this often means the lumbar region is not adequately supported. Lower back pain and muscle tension can occur without critical support.

This displacement can also place the upper body at an unnatural position relative to your neck or legs, creating more tension and pain. With memory foam, you avoid all of that. It offers optimum support and alignment for your back.

Pressure point relief

The newly innovated memory foam has been translated into medical applications. Memory foam was introduced in the medical field to cushion, protect and comfort individuals in hospital intensive care units and wheelchair seat cushions.

When a person lays in one position for a long time, the pressure of downward pulling gravity and upward resistance in bedding materials can affect circulation and damage soft tissues caught in the middle. The pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam help prevent pressure sores and minimize pain in sensitive areas.

This is still one of the core benefits of memory foam beds. When you lay down on memory foam, the material yields and adjusts to your shape, rather than forcing you to contour to it. Unlike springs and other materials, memory foam does not "push back" or place added upward pressure on the sleeper.

It relieves and prevents pain

The unique combination of pressure point relief and support found in memory foam mattresses sets the stage for relieving current pain and preventing pain as well. The majority of memory foam mattress owners report reduced pain, especially in the back, hips, and shoulders in reviews.

The material is also a favourite of people with a painful condition like arthritis and fibromyalgia. By supporting correct alignment, contouring to the body and not placing added pressure on sensitive areas, your body can experience optimal comfort. Reduced pain is also associated with better sleep, offering another benefit.

It accommodates numerous sleeping positions

Whether you enjoy sleeping on your back, stomach, or side, a memory foam mattress can accommodate any position. Memory foam is designed to mould and cradle every part of your body evenly. This allows you to settle into your most comfortable position without pressure points. Also, there are wide varieties of firmness options available to accommodate different needs.

For back sleepers, memory foam curves to your spine, providing excellent lumbar support and allowing your back to relax. It works with side sleepers by accommodating hips and shoulders while still supporting your waist to keep your spine even. And for stomach sleepers, memory foam helps keep your back in shape and prevent painful pressure points.

Your motion doesn't matter

Motion can make a lot of waves in traditional mattresses, which can mean disturbed sleep for couples. This can be a particular problem for couples with different schedules and light sleepers.

One key benefit of a memory foam mattress is that the material absorbs motion and isolates rather than transferring it. When you get out of bed or rolls over, memory foam ensures your partner hasn't bounced around or jolted out of sleep.

Dust mite mitigation

Dust mites are an unavoidable fact of life. Pretty much every home has them, and one place they thrive; is the bedroom. They are mostly harmless. However, dust mites are one of the leading causes of indoor allergies.

A typical innerspring mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside of it! The fluffy fibre padding and large open spaces make it easy for dust mites to burrow in, assemble, and collect in a traditional mattress.

The type of materials used and the dense structure of memory foam discourages dust mites more effectively. There aren't as many places for them to live and thrive. Combining a memory foam mattress with hypoallergenic mattress covers and regular surface vacuuming can help to control and mitigate dust mites in your bedroom.

Hypo-Allergenic feature

Foam mattresses are great for allergy sufferers. As much as the dense nature repels dust mites, it also limits other allergens like mould and pet dander from working their way into the mattress.

The materials used are mainly hypoallergenic - suitable for those with wool, feather, or other fibre allergies. Certain types of memory foam like Amerisleep's plant-based Bio Pur material are low in VOCs. This means they have little to no off-gassing effect, which is suitable for people sensitive to smells and harsh chemicals.

Perfect fit for adjustable beds

Adjustable beds have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and memory foam mattresses remain one of their most compatible partners. Memory foam readily flexes with the adjustable base and contours to the base's different positions without compromising durability.

The nature of memory foam means that sleepers are supported and pressure points relieved whether the bed is angled or flat. Other types of beds like innerspring tend to be less flexible. Also for these beds, support and comfort can be compromised in different positions.

Low-maintenance cost

A memory foam mattress is a relatively low-maintenance commitment in terms of upkeep. These types of mattresses can benefit from rotating a few times per year and from occasional vacuuming, but that is the only maintenance the average user will need to do. There's no monthly flipping/rotating required, no springs to bust, and no electronic parts to go haywire.

Excellent lifespan and durability

The other core benefit offered by memory foam mattresses is their exceptional durability and lifespan. The average memory foam mattress often lasts around seven (7) to eight (8) years. Also, most high-quality foams with higher density in the core and memory foam can last as many eight (8) to ten (10) years. In addition to lasting longer, memory foam is considerably less likely to sag compared to innerspring and other types of mattresses.

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The memory foam mattress is a gift that keeps on giving! From its numerous health benefits to its hassle-free maintenance, the memory mattress is worth every penny.

The ability to offer tailored comfort and pressure relief is the reason memory foam mattresses remain so popular. If you prefer a good sleep after a long day at work, get your memory bed in any mattress store in Canada today. Having a sound sleep after a long day has been proven to be of great importance to staying in good shape - physically and mentally.

From lasting comfort to a cleaner bedroom, a memory foam mattress contributes to a better night's rest in many ways. People who buy memory foam beds are also more likely to report overall satisfaction compared to those with other types of mattresses. Get one today!