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​Memory Foam Mattress vs. Spring Foam Mattress

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Sleep is an essential aspect of human life, and when you visit mattress stores in Canada, picking the right one can be tasking. There are numerous types of foams, each offering unique features that are missing in the other. Of the mattress types out there, memory foam mattresses and spring foam mattress are very common.

The quality of sleep you get is all dependent on the quality of the mattress you use. This guide compares the two popular beds out there. That way, we can help you pick the one that is more suited to your needs.

These mattresses are top-rated because they are suited to the needs of almost everyone. Both have features and pros that make them perfect for different people. To know which of the two will be more adapted to your needs, continue reading this article on memory foam vs. spring mattress.

By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed choice between these two types of mattresses. You will also know which mattress is best for your sleeping needs.

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What is memory foam?

Memory foams are made of durable materials, with a great deal of density, with which it provides immense support and excellent pressure relief. The memory foams are made from a polymer known as polyurethane.

This material is used most in sofas, mattresses, car seats, and spray foam. Memory foams have the record of lasting longer than other foam types such as the spring mattress.

This mattress comes in different types, which include:

Traditional memory foam

The most common type of memory foam is the traditional mattress. This memory foam mattress provides you with sound sleep experience, as it tapers to every curve of your body. The mattress conforms explicitly to the shape of your body.

There are pros and cons to the use of this mattress, one of which is the fact that it can retain body heat. During high-temperature weather, the bed retains heat, causing it to be uncomfortable for sleep. This problem is eliminated in the other two types of memory mattresses.


This is one type of memory foam mattress that resolves the issue of heat. There is a difference in the internal structure of the foam, as compared to the traditional foam. The construction of the open cell mattress is such that it allows for the natural movement of air. This way, it transfers heat away from the body and affords you plenty of comforts.

Gel memory foam

This is a memory foam type that is infused with gel. Also, this foam type falls into two sub-categories. The very first one is made of a material that is perfect for the absorption of heat.

There is also the second form, which is the phase-changing material. This type functions by regulating body temperature during sleep. This is done by its ability to absorb from and also release heat to your body. This is simply science in action.

One thing to note, though, the use of gel in this mattress can increase the density of the mattress. Also, if the gel is not rightly pumped into the foam, it may cause it to degrade faster.

What is a spring mattress?

This is also one of the most popular mattresses today. There is every possibility that you have used the spring foam mattress, since its invention in the 1990s. It is an invention that serves folks with back pain. These mattresses are made from several steel coils that end up compressed when pressure is being applied.

There are different models of the spring foam mattress, which is based on the shape, size, and the number of springs available. Also, the number of springs it features tells of the quality of comfort you can derive. Typically, the higher the number of coils, the more comfort. The various models have different comfort levels, which are meant to make them adaptable to people of different conditions.

Continuous coils

In this type of spring foam, a constant coil is used. The shape of the wire is more of an S-shape, which is continuously intertwined, to ensure durability. A single wire is used in forming the spring system. Also, this spring foam type is very affordable. You can check out a mattress store near you for details.

Bonnell Cells

This type of foam spring has been invented since the 1800s and was mainly used in the buggy seat cushions. The basic structure of this spring type is the "hour-glass or helix." They are also very affordable, but they have a downside of becoming squeaky with extended use.

Offset coils

This type of spring foam has a higher quality than the two mentioned above. It is widely known to perform brilliantly under whatever body shape and weight. It also has an hour-glass structure, but with a flattened top and bottom.

In the system of arrangement, one spring joins with a neighbour, forming a hinge effect. This hinging effect causes flexing and conformation support for the mattress as you sleep in it. These are very sturdy and quiet.

Marshall coil

This is somewhat different from the traditional coil types in two ways. The very first is that the coils are not connected to each other. Hence, they can function freely and independently of one another. Also, they are wrapped in fabric sleeves or pockets. Thanks to these factors, there is an improvement in support and superior motion isolation. In many other cases, they are known as the wrapped coils or encased coils.

Comparing Memory foam and spring mattress

One thing to note is that there is not much difference in the price of the two mattress types. Hence, the memory foam vs. spring mattress comparison cannot be premised on price. However, there are several other factors on which they can be compared.

Support and Pressure Points

When it comes to support and pressure points, there are slight differences between the two mattress types.

Spring Mattress

Whenever you lie on a spring foam mattress, it always feels so soft and comfortable. It feels bouncy, and you can get so much comfort from the bed. However, it is shocking to know that this mattress does not help your pressure points in any way.

The pressure points are areas in the body where you feel pain after waking up from sleep. You may have noticed cases in which you experience a dead arm or back pain.

When you lay on the spring foam mattress, it pushes back at your body, with force (pressure) applied on the bed by your body. The downside is that it becomes impossible to achieve this proper support. This is because some parts of the body exert more pressure than the other. The parts of the body that carry more weight will push harder into the mattress.

Uneven support results from this, hence, the creation of a pressure point. At the advent of the pressure point, there is a reduction in blood circulation. You may also experience some tossing, turning, aches, and joint pains. This is bound to disrupt your sleep quality. In fact, with each passing year, spring mattress loses 16% of its support.

Memory foams

When the quality of the foam is good, there will be an even distribution of the body weight. With this mattress, there is a reduction in the level of pressure points. This mattress provides a great deal of support, unlike no other.

With the memory foam mattress, you also enjoy a good night's sleep, as turning and tossing is drastically reduced. Pressure points when sleeping on the memory foam is reduced by up to about 80% as compared to the spring foam mattress. This is one win of the memory foam over the spring mattress.


This is another factor that many people consider when buying from a mattress store in Canada. This concept is personal, and some industry specifications also support it. Let's take a quick look at how a spring mattress and a foam mattress do when it comes to firmness.

Spring mattress

Mattresses that have springs are known to act as shock absorbers, hence, reducing the wear and tear that the mattress experiences.

As stated earlier, there are four spring types that offer different levels of firmness and support. These factors can also be measured by the gauge of the coils. The lower the number of coils, the thicker the spring and the firmer the bed.

Memory foam Mattress

These can be firm, and they can also be supple, all dependent on your preference. This foam type offers an even distribution of weight. Hence, you can be sure of firmness without a compromise of your comfort. Once the stability is perfect for you, you get the moulding effect of the mattress, as well as the firmness that other high-density mattresses give.

However, if you want a very firm mattress, probably something close in hardness to the floor, this is not for you. As your body exudes more heat, the memory foam becomes more supple.

Temperature sensitivity

Temperature sensitivity is another essential factor to consider in the memory foam vs. spring mattress comparison. In this case, the spring foam mattress also takes the lead.

Memory foam mattress

These mattresses are known for their sensitivity to temperature. In some cases, there are some downsides. The foam takes quite some time before it adapts to your body. This is a prevalent complaint with the use of memory foam. But once it adjusts, you are good to go.

How the memory foam feels on the body is also dependent on the temperature of your room. There is a measure which states that the colder the room, the longer the foam takes to adjust. A funny fact is that, at a temperature of 0 degrees, memory foam becomes as hard as a rock.

However, this does not undermine the ability of the memory foam to trap heat. When the room is hot, there is an increase in the heat trapped by the foam. This is a combination of ambient temperature and body heat. Thus, it's possible that you may wake up all hot and sweaty.

Note: Some specialized memory foam mattresses can maintain and adjust heat seamlessly in average room temperature.

Spring mattresses

A standard spring mattress will not be influenced by body temperature, except if memory foam is laid on it. Many companies are known to add a memory foam layer to the top of the spring mattress. This is done in a bid to improve comfort, support, and quality.


On the basis of the level of maintenance needed to remain in top condition, the memory foam is the best.

Spring Mattress

This type of mattress needs constant maintenance. To ensure that it remains in top condition, it needs to be rotated once a year. This is so that the wear and tear it experiences is even. This way, there is the elimination of dips and indents over and above the usual body impression. Another maintenance trick is to make sure you don't fold or bend spring mattresses as the springs can snap.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Unlike the maintenance required by the spring foam mattress, you can make use of this mattress as long as you want. There is no need to flip and rotate the mattress at intervals in a bid to control wear and tear. Once you keep your cover and sheets clean, you are good to go.

Pros and cons of both Memory foam and Spring Foam Mattress

The memory foam vs. spring mattress conversation will not be complete without a look at the various advantages and disadvantages that come with the use of each one.

Spring Foam Mattress

  • Pros

The prices offered by mattress stores in Canada are cheap.

The spring mattress, when properly maintained, can last about seven to ten years.

  • Cons

The support reduces with time. After about a year or two, the spring begins to sag.

It does not offer much back support, neither does it address the issue of back alignment

There is no even distribution of the body weight, which brings about body pain

The spaces in between the spring quickly breed dust and other carriers.

Memory Foam Mattress

  • Pros

You can always get one of good quality at an affordable price

There is even pressure distribution as you use the mattress, unlike other mattress types

There is a loss of motion; no joggling or bouncing around

Dust can only be found on the top, which can be easily cleaned, unlike the spring foam mattress

  • Cons

Price is influenced by quality and brand. Hence, a very quality mattress can be very costly

It takes time before the foam conforms to your body, giving you the quicksand feel.

It is very temperature sensitive, and you can end up becoming uncomfortable due to heat.

The new ones may have a chemical smell on purchase

There isn't any doubt that memory foam mattresses are the best. However, spring foam mattresses have been able to remain popular, thanks to the relatively low cost of purchase.

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There is no telling that the memory foam mattress triumphs the memory foam vs. spring foam mattress comparison. The memory foam has proven to offer so much sleep support and comfort and comes with a need for reduced maintenance.

Your sleep is essential, and care needs to be taken in picking the best one for you. Contact our online mattress store today. We can help you pick the best mattress for your needs