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How to Choose the Right Mattress

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How to Choose the right Mattress

We spend a third of our lives in our beds, so it’s really important to choose a mattress that is good for your body, especially your back.

I have worked for High Sun Mattress Company for 10 years and before I came to Canada, my dad and I manufactured custom-made mattresses in Taiwan for 15 years. Our first hand experience allows us to recognize and value quality products, and we only source from good manufacturers.

It’s important for people to understand the health and financial benefits of choosing the right mattress. If you’re not sure how to choose your next bed, this guide will help you decide what to look for when you walk in a store.

How a Quality Mattress Improves Your Health

Picking a good mattress is especially important for lower back pain relief because over time, ignoring your back at night can misalign your lower back, interruption sleep, and aggravate disc tissues.

A mattress’ life span is the amount of time it can provide comfort and support. A good quality mattress will last about 7 to 8 years before it starts getting softer. Specialty high end mattresses can last for over 10 years. Once you now the lifespan of the mattress, you can replace it afterward.

Oklahoma state university did a study where people experienced these benefits after changing their mattress:

  • Reduced back pain (62.8%)
  • Reduced shoulder pain (62.4%)
  • Reduced back stiffness (58.4%)
  • Improved sleep quality (64.4%)
  • Improved sleep comfort (69.9%)

Mattresses will get softer over time and it is better to invest in a good quality mattress not only for your body’s benefit, but because it is also cheaper in the long run.

If you buy a “cheaper” bed and it wears out after a few months, which has happened to many people, you’ll have to spend more money getting another mattress. By that time, you will have spent about the same amount as a good quality mattress that ranges from $400 to $800. Since a quality bed lasts at least 7 years, you’ll save more money.

Choose Firm Mattresses

Whether you are buying a mattress for your kids or for yourself, firmer mattresses are better. If beds were rated on a scale of 0 to 10 (softest to hardest), we recommend people choose at least a 6 or a 7. We don’t even have very soft beds in our stores because it’s not good for people’s bodies long term.

I have helped thousands of customers at our stores and the best way to see what is best for your body is to lay down on the mattress for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if the whether it is coil-based, foam-based, or latex-based. Ultimately, the bed should feel comfortable for you.

Memory foam mattresses can feel warmer, so this is one feature to consider when you are shopping. They are great because they adapt to your body and put you in a more natural position when you sleep. This, however, may not be preferable for people who are heat-sensitive or live in a city that gets very hot in the summer.


To improve your sleep quality and reduce back pain, choose firmer mattresses that feel most comfortable you. Go to the store and lie down on it for a few minutes to see how you feel.

A good quality mattress will last about 7 or 8 years until it starts to get soft and a higher end mattress can last over 10 years.

Investing in a good quality mattress will save you money and improve your health in the long run.