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Memory foam mattress vs coil mattress (price, durability, softness, maintenance, Heat Retention )

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Memory foam mattress vs coil mattress

Comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a mattress. This has seen to the development of waterbeds, air beds, and pillow tops in a bid to not only increase the consumer’s quality of sleep but also to ease their body aches.

Spring mattresses have traditionally been the go-to mattress type when people looked for comfortable options. However, there is a relatively new type known as memory foam which is looking to dethrone spring mattresses as the king of comfortable mattresses.

More and more people know about memory foam today but are still attached to the comfort that spring mattresses – especially the coil spring type – provide. As such, many people are on the fence on whether to go for the memory foam or the  coil mattress. This guide will compare this mattress types so you are able to make an informed decision during your purchase.

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam was originally designed by NASA in the 1960s to be used in aircraft seats. This original foam was known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam. Later, it was incorporated into the Apollo spacecraft to support the astronauts during their journey to the moon.

Years later, memory foam was finally introduced to the mattress industry, and it was quickly adopted for good reason.

Memory foam is revered in the mattress industry due to its capability to conform to the contours of the sleeping individual’s body based on their body heat. This means that it offers personalized pressure point irrespective of your preferred sleeping style, which is something that regular spring mattresses cannot achieve.

Its ability to conform to your preferences results in enhanced spinal alignment that relieves as well as prevents sciatic pain.

Nevertheless, foam – by itself – cannot make up the entire mattress. Instead, it is utilized as a comfort layer, while the base consists of a denser and more resilient type of foam known as polyurethane foam.

Coil Mattress

A coil mattress is an enhanced form of the regular spring mattress. It is designed to enhance the sleeper’s support and comfort.

Thus, unlike regular spring mattresses which have their springs intertwined, coil mattresses have springs that are individually encased hence moving independently from each other. The results in a smoother and more supportive sensation since the individualized wrapping of each spring helps in eliminating the constant movement that is characteristic of typical spring mattresses.

The coil mattress’s design was created to provide the same level of support and conformity as the  memory foam mattress. As a result, coil mattresses are costlier than other types of spring mattresses.

Nonetheless, this does not imply that they are more durable. In fact, their individualized spring design which enhances the sleeper’s comfort is what affects their overall durability, since independent springs are not as hardy as they would be if they all worked as a single unit.

Generally, however, coil mattresses that are built with high-quality springs in addition to having a higher spring count will not only conform to your physique better but will also be more durable.

Consequently, such a mattress is going to be inherently costlier than a standard quality coil mattress. Nevertheless, it will still not be as pricey as a high-end memory foam mattress.

A Direct Comparison of Memory Foam Mattresses vs. Coil Mattresses


If you are working with a tight budget, you are likely to find both foam and coil mattresses that will suit your budget. Nonetheless, this will mean sacrificing some of the comfort. Even though high-end coil mattresses are more expensive than standard foam mattresses, the best foam mattresses will always be pricier than the best coil mattresses. 


Foam mattresses have a reputation of being durable and long lasting, and this is evidenced by the 20+ year warranties that they typically come with. While a coil mattress can last for long as well, it usually tends to decrease in comfort with extended use since the springs start losing their rigidity with time. As such, they become less uniform and more prone to sagging and poking.


People who have severe back pain are usually pointed in the direction of the memory foam due to its ability to conform to the natural curvature of the spine, thus keeping it in perfect alignment. A coil mattress, on the other hand, is not so bad either especially if it is a quality one. High-quality coil mattresses are able to provide a combination of conformity and springiness that is ideal for backache sufferers who do not like the quicksand feel of memory foam. Ultimately, it boils down to what feels right under your aching back; is it the soft and sinking feeling that the memory foam provides? Or do you like the springy and reactive nature of the coil mattress?


Being a type of spring mattress, coil mattresses will obviously have the bounciest feel. Memory foam, on the hand, acts like a shock absorber and, thus, returns to its natural state once you leave that position, instead of springing back immediately. Nonetheless, there are types of mattress foams that are bouncier than others. For instance, form latex is bouncier and more responsive than memory foam.

Movement Absorbency

If the person you share your bed with is a restless sleeper, then a coil mattress may not be good for you. This is because, as they move, the springs will respond by bouncing back thereby making you move as well.

Memory foam, on the hand, is able to absorb that movement thus ensuring that you will not be as distracted by their constant movements. 

Heat Retention

One of the biggest complains made against memory foam mattresses is their temperature control issue. Remember that the basic functionality of memory foam – which is to be malleable so that it can conform to your body’s contours – relies on the heat coming from the body.

As such, it has to retain that heat in order to retain the desired position, and thus can quickly become very uncomfortable if you live in a hot climate or have a fever.

A coil mattress does not retain heat as it does not have to and is therefore usually cooler. Nonetheless, there are hybrid memory foam options that contain features meant to help with heat dissipation, to allow you to stay cool.


A new memory foam mattress usually emits a certain chemical smell that you will find unpleasant. It does fade away after a few days, fortunately.

Sleeping Position

The ability of the foam mattress to conform to the body’s contours means that people who sleep on their sides or stomachs will find it much more comfortable since it cushions their shoulders and hips. Back sleepers can find comfort from both memory foam and coil mattress depending on their preference.


If you are using a coil mattress, it is recommended that you rotate and flip it every three months to prevent lasting bodily impressions. If it is single sided, just rotate it after the same period.

For memory foam mattresses, you should also rotate them after every three months for the same reason as above. And because memory foam is sensitive to temperature and humidity, it is best if you placed it in a room that has regulated temperature so that it can function optimally.

The choice between memory foam and coil mattress is often subjective and thus comes down to a matter of personal preference. If you are looking for the best mattress to suit your needs in British Columbia, visit our mattress experts at High Sun Mattress and we will be glad to help you.