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Ultimate Buying Guide on Memory Foam Mattress

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Enjoying a good night's sleep is priceless because your productivity tomorrow depends on how comfortable your sleep was. Even though the standard mattresses provide great support for good sleep, most individuals are now turning to memory foam mattresses to improve their general comfort. Memory foam mattresses are thick because foam is an ultra-supportive material that conforms to various body types during sleep and regains its actual shape in the morning.

Moreover, it supports the body in all positions, thus allowing users to enjoy soft and comfortable support on the hips, back, and shoulders. At the same time, the right memory foam mattress will reduce the strain on the pressure points significantly while promoting a healthy uninterrupted night's sleep.

Finding the right memory foam mattress, however, is not as easy a task as you might think. Sometimes, you might find it hard to identify a good mattress, especially because you will find too many of them in the market.

If you are planning to purchase a memory foam mattress, therefore, you have to consider some of the factors that define a great memory foam mattress. This way, you will be in a position to find the right mattress for a good night's sleep.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before purchasing any of the memory foam mattresses that you will find in the market.

Consider Your Bed Frame Size

Even though memory foam mattresses are considered special mattresses, they too come in different standard sizes that allow proper pairing with your present bed frame. Whether you have a single bed or the lavish California King, you can be sure to get the right sized mattress for your bed frame. Bed frames come with different options that range from basic steel frames to modern-design platform bed frames with different finishes to blend with your space.

Moreover, memory foam mattresses can pair with an adjustable pivot that fine-tunes your mattress to your desired comfort position, thus allowing you to have a great night's sleep. If you are not keen, you might end up buying a different size that will not fit your bed frame. As such, it is imperative that you know the bed frame size before buying a mattress!

Know the Type of Foam You Want

Most customers wrongly think that there is only one type of memory foam. The truth, however, is that you will find several types of foams in the market from which you can choose according to your needs and preferences. The traditional memory foam, for instance, offers support by creating a soft cradle and reducing pressure point to improve circulation. Another type is the gel memory foam that comes with a gel formulation similar to that found in shoe inserts that reduce pressure while soothing the body's discomfort. The gel memory foam mattress is a better option for people who suffer from frequent sore muscles, chronic pain, and general body stress.

If you frequently heat up while sleeping, then you can consider choosing an air-cool memory foam mattress. This memory foam mattress has cool air filters technology that filters out the warm air from your body, thus allowing you to enjoy a comfortable sleep all night long.

Get the Appropriate Thickness

Memory foam mattresses come in different thickness options that range from 6 to 14 inches. Thicker mattresses are often softer as compared to ultra-thin mattresses. Picking a thinner mattress, however, does not necessarily mean you take away the natural comfort of the memory foam mattress entirely. This is because the base foam is the main support structure and every level after that comes with extra softness. It is also vital to note that adding a topper will increase the entire thickness of your mattress.

Consider a Mattress Topper for Added Comfort

Although a memory foam mattress offers a great level of comfort when used alone, a topper adds more cushioning that increases your sleeping comfort. If you want more firmness on your mattress, a latex mattress topper is a perfect choice. Latex toppers come in a soft, medium, or extra firmness that allows extra support and balance even as you experience the ultimate comfort of your new memory foam mattress. The baffle-channel featherbed cover sets are ultra-soft because the baffle is designed to prevent feathers from popping out or getting disorganized in the topper.

Consider Foam Density

Memory foam mattresses are manufactured to offer different densities. They come in high, medium, or low density. While the high-density foam is said to be the most durable, medium density is known to offer optimal motion isolation that makes it ideal for users that share a bed. The low-density foam, on the other hand, is easy to break in, which implies that your body will adjust faster as compared to the high-density memory foam mattress.

It is important to consider the weight of a mattress when determining the density level of memory foam mattress you intend to buy. A memory foam mattress is basically 4-5 pounds per cubic foot as compared to high-density foam that weighs up to 10 pounds per cubic foot.

Look for Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Mattress

Most users know that most of the memory foam mattresses in the market are actually antimicrobial. While this is a fact, it is also true that some mattresses are more effective as compared to others when it comes to dealing with allergens and deterring dust mites. The gel memory foam mattress is considered the most effective in keeping dust mites away. The traditional memory foam mattress, on the other hand, has higher density, which makes it good at reducing the prevalence of allergens. If you want a true hypoallergenic mattress, however, then consider choosing the latex memory foam mattress.

For people suffering from allergies, it is advisable to pair your memory foam mattress with a hypoallergenic topper, used hypoallergenic pillowcases, and comfortable beddings to enhance your comfort and minimize pressure points symptoms.


Before heading to the store, determine your budget. How much are you willing to give for a memory foam mattress? You don't have to strain yourself to buy an expensive mattress that is out of your budget range. At High Sun, a suitable and affordable price is what we guarantee all our customers. You can pay us a visit to see our affordable yet excellent memory foam mattresses.


Buying a memory foam mattress can be easy when you know what to look out for. Before venturing into the market, therefore, it is imperative to know what to look out for in order to identify the level of comfort and longevity that a mattress offers. Memory foam mattresses are designed for various types of sleepers and could be ideal for you. At High Sun, we believe that the memory foam mattress you rest on can make a great difference in your life.

Before heading out to the market, therefore, it is vital to determine the bed frame that you are going to use with the mattress so that you can buy one that perfectly fits. You also need to factor in the kind of sleeper you are so that you can pick the correct mattress.

Feel free to visit us to see how our memory foam mattresses can help you and your loved one today.