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Which memory foam mattress are the coolest?

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Over the past several years, memory foam has been slowly garnering the reputation of being the ideal standard when it comes to comfort mattresses. Not only is a memory foam mattress extremely comfortable but also, it comes with a number of features that are beneficial to the health of the individual sleeping in it.

For all its benefits, memory foam has had one major drawback that has been the deal breaker for some people; it retains heat. This heat retention attribute is by no means, an accident. Memory foam allows the sleeper to be comfortable by conforming to their body contours so that they do not feel pressure at any single point in their body, especially for side sleepers who often complain about pain in their shoulders and hips. To achieve this feat, memory foam utilizes the heat from the individual’s body and has to retain that heat in order to maintain the position.

This heat retention can obviously get uncomfortable especially during hot nights. This is what led mattress manufacturers to design foam mattresses that offer all the benefits of memory foam without the heat retaining drawback. The following are the top 8 coolest memory foam mattresses.

1. Brooklyn Aurora

The Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid design that sports a memory foam layer at the top and base made using inner springs. This allows it exceptional comfort, support, and cooling in addition to being fitted with phase-changing technology.

The foam layer is infused with copper and titanium which help in conducting heat away from the sleeping individual. The innerspring base ensures that air flows naturally through the mattress to further aid in heat dissipation.

What makes the Aurora special is that it was designed with the primary purpose of offering a cool and comfortable sleeping environment. Further, its spring base ensures that the bed can also accommodate people with a little extra weight on them.

2. Layla Sleep

The Layla is a memory foam mattress that uses a combination of copper that is infused in the foam and ThermoGEL in its cover for maximum temperature regulation to allow refreshing sleep to the individual.

What makes Layla special is that it allows you to customize the firmness side of the bed thus giving you more control over your sleeping preferences.

3. Casper Wave

This is a unique five-layer foam bed that not only works to take care of your spine when sleeping but to also keep you cool while at it.

Its layers are deliberately placed so that the memory foam lies deeper inside the mattress so that it does not radiate the heat back to the sleeper. Moreover, its top layer is made out of Flo foam which features an open-cell design. This arrangement results in a design that cradles the individual rather than letting them sink and overheat.

What makes the Casper Wave special is its ability to keep you cool while having an ergonomically pleasing design. To enhance its comfort, its designers included precisely-cut channels and gel inserts to provide pressure relief and support where it is needed the most.

The horizontally-cut channels are made in the shoulder and hip region to reduce pressure and increase softness for side sleepers. The hip region also gets tailored strips of support gel that enhances firmness so that the hips do not sink into the bed. This results in a solution that ensures correct spine alignment as you sleep.

4. DreamCloud

This is another hybrid design that also utilizes foams and coils to give an exceptionally high-end product while selling at a significantly cheaper price than comparable brands.

To help keep you cool, the DreamCloud spots some features such as aerated latex, gel-infused memory foam, a heat-treated cotton pad, and a coil spring base to encourage as much flow of air as possible. When all these properties are combined, the bed’s temperature is regulated to be as optimal as it can possibly be.

What is even more amazing about DreamCloud is that they offer you a 365-night risk-free trial just so you can be sure that it is, indeed, the mattress you are looking for.

5. Loom & Leaf

This memory foam mattress is a premium 12-inch model that is made of multiple layers of top quality foam infused with cooling gel. Therefore, in spite of the Loom & Leaf being made exclusively out of foam, it is able to give you a cool night’s sleep due to its top cover being infused with medical grade cooling gel.

6. WinkBeds

This mattress manufacturer has created yet another legendary offering with the WinkBeds Cool Control. This mattress is designed to work with an innovative Cool Control base. The base is operated using an app or remote controller via short airflow tubes that connect to the base of the mattress thus facilitating the dispersion of cool, conditioned air throughout the mattress.

The air circulation mechanism is energy efficient and can even help you stay dry. The beauty of the mechanism is that it allows you to set different temperature levels, thereby making it versatile for year round usage as you can make the bed cool during summer and warmer during winter.

7. Avocado Green

This is yet another hybrid type of mattress that consists of latex and coil. This combination allows for excellent cooling that it even surpasses most high end and costlier mattresses.

In addition to the latex and coil springs, which are both excellent conductors of heat, the Avocado Green also comes with an organic Joma wool which works to dissipate heat even further.

Thus, for people looking for an organic, environmentally friendly option that can keep them cool at night, you shouldn’t look any further than the Avocado Green.

8. The Muse

The Muse is a premier memory foam mattress brand and has been adopted by numerous households. Nonetheless, it was subject to numerous complains concerning overheating. To address this concern, its manufacturers have incorporated a technology known as Cool Wire Fabric that is woven into the foam layers and cover so as to dissipate heat away in addition to infusing the memory foams with regulating gel. The gel and ultra-cool technology work together to ensure you sleep coolly and comfortably like never before.

It would be a shame if we stopped sleeping on memory foam mattresses. Thankfully, manufacturers are making things better by infusing cooling technology into our beloved foam mattresses so we can have a better night’s sleep. Still confused about what mattress is the best fit for you? Visit us at High Sun Mattress in British Columbia and we will help you find the ideal mattress for you.