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​How Much Does Memory Foam Mattress Cost in British Columbia?

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Depending on your reason for an upgrade, a memory foam mattress can set you back upwards of $2000. There are of course some brands and options that go for as low as $200, with just the memory foam asking for less than a hundred dollars for a 3-inch thickness. So many considerations, add-ons and design factors make up for the price gap that is clearly as big as the suppliers' list that you could get one from.

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Explaining The Price Range

Because everyone has to get enough, otherwise we'd be cranky and bumping into stationary vehicles on the road, sleep is nothing to negotiate less of. Cheap mattresses are often associated with poorer sleep experiences, which all in all make up for increasing the price where there is a guarantee of a resting, rejuvenating long night of sleep. When you look at a memory foam mattress in the price range less than three hundred dollars, expect to have the foam as the main composition. You'd otherwise be sleeping directly on the mattress. As you'll soon discover, this comes with a lot of negative impacts on the quality of your sleep.

High priced mattresses often come with attached technology to make the memory foam more breathable along with other perks that add comfort premium convenience to your daily sleep experience over a long lifespan, often stretching to 10 years of usage.

Why Memory Foam Mattresses Cost That Much

As previously alluded to, there are plenty of new discoveries being implemented in the making of beds as more research is invested in how we sleep and how to get the very best rest. Sleep technology, which comes with some extra cost that sets the gap between old ways of enjoying sleep. Memory foam is in itself one such technology, developed by NASA as what the memory cards are to the cassette tapes of old days, to the spring top bed technology we're seeing much less of.

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What You're Paying For

The benefits of using memory foam mattresses are immediately felt when one switches over from lesser sleeping technologies. For one, the foam 'accepts' the load imposed onto it gracefully by allocating proportional 'give' based on the profile of the load and temperature. Which is to say, while you sleep on memory foam, the head, hips and torso, which are heaviest, will sink deeper into the mattress. More like you're sleeping on a bed of air, thus allowing a natural resting stance for your body muscles.

Gel Memory Foam in A Nut Shell

Newer designs of memory foam mattresses have a layer of gel infused with the conventional foam fibres. Alone, the memory foam mattress, by design, will keep you in place and conforming to your body heat and weight, that poses an insulation issue when a handful of hours go by. The gel distributes your body heat, which would otherwise accumulate where you sleep and also aids with pressure regulation so that you don't wake up with a stiff back. Both layers are made of the same material, only that the gel enhances the foam's overall performance as sleep time progresses.

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A Complete Sleep Solution

Finding it hard to sleep, sometimes the surface on which you are sleeping plays a part. That's why when mattress shopping (not online) some customers almost fall asleep in a few minutes of laying back first on a good memory foam surface.

The inclusion of a gel infused surface, along with a sturdy, medium density memory foam, and some individually encased soft springs provide the perfect sleeping surface (so far). Regardless of who is sleeping next to you, or how fidgety they can get, the motion is absorbed, such that you can fall asleep faster and for more fulfilling lengths of time.

While there are reported benefits of sleeping directly on the floor, why brave the hard, cold surface when you can get all of them and more on the memory foam technology mattresses that have been engineered to match and surpass the floor?

How Much is A Good Night's Sleep Worth?

If you were paying daily for a certain quality of sleep, how much would you be willing to part with? This is perhaps the best question to ask yourself as you consider buying a new mattress.

There is a clear direct proportion to these variables, sleep and cost. A hundred dollar mattress will last a few nights of rest. Before you know it, the foam crumples up where you're often perched, and the sweat you exude collects and starts making sleep the least exciting of your daily activities.

On the other hand, a high end, gel infused mattress will ensure more nights of refreshing sleep. Newer models of memory foam mattresses come with self-cleaning technology that fundamentally makes you sleep in a new bed for years on end. The health benefits on your skin, your endocrine, and skeletal systems are often worth more than the invoiced amount for the new mattress.

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